HGH side effects

With the new internet craze over the HGH supplements, there’s an health issue raising with more people concerned about the possible health risks. It is a well known fact that most human hormones that were lab produced and used on humans could cause a whole spectrum of side effects, from some light health issues to more serious illnesses Using steroids is a perfect example of a hormonal product becoming popular all over the globe and then forbidden in many countries. Until further scientific research proves a link between using HGH products and diseases, we can’t tell much about this topic.

Why are people so crazy about HGH and what exactly does it do? The human growth hormone is responsible for regeneration and growth of cells, and it was first used for medicinal purposes on children with growth impairment. When someone came up with the idea of giving HGH or GH for short to senior patients to ease their pain, the results were remarkable. Patients showed a great improvement in the overall health condition and showed more vitality. It didn’t take long until GH products were made for commercial cosmetic use all over the world. The wondrous effects they’re advertising sound too good to be true – they work as anti aging cosmetic products in women and help lose weight faster, and men go crazy for them because of the way they affect the muscle mass. GH supplements are currently among the most popular products for bodybuilders due to the fact they help burn fat faster while helping with the growth of the muscle mass. Still, it all sounds too good to be true to come without a price…

Some studies show that taking any kind of supplements that have human growth hormone in them are potentially dangerous, but they have been conducted on a too narrow specimen to prove these claims on a global level. One of the warning signs is that most sports federation have chosen to put HG products on the black list, and they’re now on the list of supplements forbidden for the athletes that undergo drug tests before competing.

The long list of potential health problems that taking HGH can cause would scare even the careless of people, but there has still been no proof that these could be actually caused by the taking of hormonal therapy. There are still thousands of people all over the world ready to take this risk in the pursue of youth and good looks, getting their hormonal injections, pills or sprays through legal or illegal means, usually through online orders. The black market for drugs is blooming more than ever, which makes the risk of health problems even bigger. By getting the hormonal products under the counter and from shady sources, people are under even more risk to get unsafe or toxic substances along with the hormone. Some of the side effects sound like something you could sacrifice for a great body, like painful joints, but more serious stuff like permanent liver damage, pancreas cancer or thyroid damage should make you think twice before placing an online order.

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