Health risks of using HGH

Health risks of using HGH

While many satisfied users keep praising HGH, or human growth hormone as a fast and painless way to get numerous health benefits, the question raised is whether taking human hormones is as benign as it seems. Any kind of hormonal intake disturbs the natural hormone balance, which can have severe consequences, and HGH is no exception. Since this hormone can be easily found and bought online in the form of injections, pills, powder and spray, in more or less legal ways, you should read about the health risks that taking growth hormone bears with it before using it.

Although there have been cases of people (especially bodybuilders) developing various health problems and illnesses, no scientific studies have yet proved the link between hormone intake and these health issues. Still, chances are high that every person undergoing hormonal therapy is risking their health, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that many sports organizations have banned HGH from the list of allowed substances when testing athletes for drugs. Here’s some of the potential health problems that can occur due to the hormonal therapy:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

While most people develop the CTS due to the repetitive motion included in their work, such as repetitive manual labor or typing, there are some cases that show the connection between HGH therapy and developing this syndrome. It manifests with numbness or tingling sensation in fingers and thumbs due to the compression of the median nerve in the wrist. Even though this condition isn’t dangerous, it is very unpleasant and requires a long treatment

Gynecomastia in men

Men taking growth hormones can experience this rather unpleasant side effect that means over developing of the secondary female characteristic. In simple words, the mammary glands begin to grow uncontrollably, leaving guys who use the hormone with a pair of man boobs. This side effect is painless but embarrassing, and sometimes it takes even a couple of years for the mammary glands to reduce to their normal size.

Increased risks of cancer

There is a risk of patients going through the growth hormone therapy developing liver, colon or prostate cancer, but the link hasn’t yet been scientifically proved although the survey of adults taking HGH showed an increase in cancer development in the later years, compared to the surveyors not taking hormonal therapy.

HGH deficiency

When large quantities of growth hormone are injected in the body, the pituitary gland, which is responsible for producing this hormone naturally, may slow down the hormone production. Since there’s a higher than usual level of the hormone in the body, it’s the natural response in the attempt of the body to restore the hormonal balance. Long term usage of hormone injections could cause the pituitary gland to minimize the hormone production, which could lead to severe health problems if the therapy is ended abruptly.

Although none of these symptoms have been scientifically linked with the usage of human growth hormone, you should take into account that it is possible to experience them during your therapy.

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